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Campanie IFJ/EFJ împotriva contractelor de autor abuzive!

postat 22 apr. 2013, 05:49 de Office Mediasind   [ actualizat la 22 apr. 2013, 06:19 ]


Mark World Copyright Day on 23rd April:
Join the Campaign!


Journalists own both economic and moral rights. This means that they should be recognised as the authors of the works they produce, to protect the integrity of these works and receive equitable remuneration when the works are re-used. 

The growing trend among media organisations is to use right-grabbing contracts (or buy-out contracts) demanding journalists to sign away their authors' rights, including both economic and moral rights. 

We must ensure that journalists' interests are taken into account at the time of the signature of the contract and avoid lengthy and expensive court procedures.

The IFJ/EFJ calls on its member unions to support our campaign against rights-grabbing contracts and to demand fair payments to journalists - by sending out a strong message to legislators to mark World Copyright Day on 23rd April 2013. 

What can you do to support the campaign?

  • Do you have a story to tell about rights-grabbing contracts? Can you share samples of such contracts or tell about successful court challenges to them? Send details
  • If you want to launch a national campaign with a focus on unfair contracts in your country, tell us and we can provide support.
  • Spread the word - distribute the message below to mark World Copyright Day on 23rdApril 2013:


High standards of reliability, accuracy and integrity of news reporting require strong protection of journalists' creativity and independence. 

In solidarity with the International/European Federations of Journalists, we demand fair contracts and strong standards guaranteeing journalists' the rights for journalists to be identified as authors and to receive a fair share of revenue from the exploitation of their works. 

These standards are:

* Journalistic works of every kind must be covered by authors' rights

* No statutory transfer of rights from staff and freelances who "work for hire"

* Unwaivable moral rights for all authors

* Protection of authors against undue pressure to sign over all rights



Find out more about the campaign: