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MediaSind - 20 years in the service of journalists and freedom of expression!

postat 12 apr. 2021, 06:00 de Office Mediasind   [ actualizat la 12 apr. 2021, 06:00 ]
The motto "Together we are stronger" – has total coverage in reality, defining the force of action and cohesion of the most powerful trade union organization in the media.

The Romanian  Union of Journalists MediaSind is celebrating today, 12 April 2021, 20 years of existence, 20 years of fighting against abuses in mass-media industry, in support of workers from the most hard tried guild, always in the first row of defending democracy.

Courage, dedication, ambition and determination have been and are just some of the qualities that every union member, every journalist, every press man must possess in order to carry out the target he has set for himself. The risk that we took 20 years ago, to build the means by which the voice of journalists can be heard and respected, seemed to some a courage close to madness, a boldness that had to be punished at all costs, an attempt obviously doomed to failure. This risk turned into a heavy slap on the cheek of the media owners who were hanging around and making the rules at their own discretion on an estate where journalists worked without any rights, but with many obligations. There were times when words as a trade unionist, a trade union movement in the media, were taboos that were hard to overcome. Times when the unions in the press were anathematized, and the union members became pariahs, nullities that had to be avoided at all costs. We were all subversives working against so-called justice and common law. 

We then started a war with corruption, with abuses, with illegalities in media institutions, a war that we have not yet finished. The fight continues on several fronts. We are still fighting with politicians who are against the freedom of expression, with employers in the public and private press who do not comply with labour laws, but also with those who do not follow the rules of professional ethics.

Of course, if at first we were fighting mindsets that were ankylosed in bailiff-like stereotypes, with soiled consciences and hooked on archaic rules coming from a form of savage capitalism, over time, MediaSind created the tools by which we gained rights for employees that no one would ever dream of or hoped for. The Single Collective Labor Agreement at the Media Branch Level, the milestone in the long journey we have chosen to take, has meant for all of us the symbol and strength that has helped us win lawsuits, to prove that we have a word to say, to receive what we deserve. 

Unfortunately, following the amendment of the labor legislation in 2011 against collective bargaining rights, this Collective Agreement was impossible to negotiate, due to the lack of a representative employers' organization at the level of the culture and media sector. (

And yet, the unification of trade union organizations in the media into a single independent organization, the Romanian Federation of Journalists MediaSind, with its own legal personality, with over 9,000 employees in the written press, radio, television, publishing houses, printing houses and distribution represented the establishment of a pole of power of the Romanian trade union movement in the media, always ready to come to the aid of every toiler in this guild so often attacked. This reality was also recognized by the most important organization of journalists in the world IFJ - International Federation of Journalists, when we joined as a full member.

All this time we have been fighting, we have lost sometimes, but we have also earned redoubts considered impregnable. MediaSind's achievements can be confirmed by all those who have won court cases against their own employers, by those who have taken to the streets with us, have trembled in the cold and rain to picket the Government, the Parliament, the Presidency, the partners in negotiating collective agreements, representatives of employers in the press, representatives of trade unions and professional organisations, colleagues in the international press, representatives of the Romanian political class. With us it was always God who gave us the power to overcome any obstacles, giving us the wisdom to learn from our mistakes.

Year after year we have made improvements and we have won new rights into collective agreements negotiated in institutions where we have members, we have given the journalist's conscience clause the power of law. Year after year we have strived to create better conditions for journalists, for everyone who works in the media. Together with the most important universities in the country, we have began the ReStart Project for Quality Journalism in support of future journalists. We didn't stand still even when representatives of the political class tried to muzzle freedom of expression. We have not left unpunished any reaction that could have affected the image and dignity of the journalistic condition.
And from 1 December 2013 we are no longer alone but much stronger. Together with the representative colleagues in the field of Culture, gathered in the Federation of Performers of Romania - FAIR, we created the strongest and most representative organization in the Culture and Media sector, under the name Federation of Culture and Media FAIR - MediaSind. And the results of this unification are seen every day: on the basis of the Union of Professional Journalists, we created the new Romanian Union of Journalists MediaSind, by merging by absorption with the Audiovisual Workers Union - TVR Sind and the Radio Professional Association Union. 

Currently, we have 4 strong branches - MediaSind AGERPRES, MediaSind TVR, MediaSind Radio Romania and MediaSind Freelancers, in public media institutions and in those with private capital. And we won't stop here!

They say history is written by the victors, but it's lived by the losers. The significance of this claim is partly true. We have written history, lived it, and made it from the position of the victors. The steps we have taken in these years give us the certainty that any confrontation can have winners on both sides, for our efforts bring and will bring benefits not only for union members, but also for employers in the media. Removing any obstacles to freedom of expression, job security, the dignity of the journalistic profession, decent working conditions etc., will inevitably lead to efficiency and yield, professionalism and dedication, and finally to good ratings and profit for all. This is the mentality we want to promote. This is the way we must go. This is the history we have to write in unison. Then there will be no more winners and losers, we will all be just winners.
We expect you to join the big family of MediaSind through our branches MediaSind AGERPRES, MediaSind TVR, MediaSind Radio Romania or MediaSind Freelanceri (, because


National Executive Bureau of the Romanian Union of Journalists MediaSind

Bucharest, 12 April 2021