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MediaSind asks EBU to ignore the whining of the former head of TVR who is struggling to be reinstated

postat 30 iun. 2021, 05:18 de Office Mediasind   [ actualizat la 30 iun. 2021, 06:41 ]
Doina Gradea forgets that the Parliament dismissed her, due to mismanagement and due to numerous allegations of abuse and corruption reported by institutions of control.

The National Executive Office of the Romanian Trade Union of Journalists MediaSind Journalists found about the letter of the former President Director General of Romanian Television, Doina Gradea, addressed to the management of the European Broadcasting Union – EBU (foto), in order to secure the support and a public reaction from the alliance of the public media institutions against the dismissal of the Administrative Council of TVR by the Romanian Parliament. Therefore, the former head of TVR asks the EBU management to express its concern and react to the political attacks on Romanian Television, attacks considered similar to the ones made by liberal parties and politicians from other European countries on media institutions.

In her letter, Doina Gradea, while identifying herself with with Romanian Television, even is reminding  the management of the European Broadcasting Union about its obligations, stipulated in the EBU statute, of supporting the independence of affiliated members and informs that she will personally go to court to protect TVR's independence in Romania!

Regarding these embarrassing actions, the National Executive Bureau of the Romanian Trade Union of Journalists MediaSind states that the former head of TVR is in a serious state of confusion. She forgets that she was dismissed by the Parliament, following the rejection of the activity reports from 2017, 2018 and 2019 precisely because of mismanagement and due to the multiple acts of corruption, reported by the inspectors of the Court of Accounts and those of the Ministry of Public Finance. For this reason, she can no longer be reinstated!

The desperate attempts of Doina Gradea and of a group from the political party that appointed and supported her in TVR, the Social Democratic Party - PSD, to return as manager of the institution that she has compromised, is a strong blow, given not only to all employees of the institution, but also to citizens paying taxes. It is unbelievable how the former head of TVR and the politicians who support her, try, by any means, to impose as managers of TVR people who destroyed the largest media institution in Romania through bad decisions and activity.

Taking these arguments into account, SRJ MediaSind asks the EBU management not to compromise itself by supporting a person who was dismissed by the Romanian Parliament due to abuses and mismanagement, as well as due to acts of corruption discovered by the institution of controls. The return of the former manager and her accomplices to TVR would, in fact, mean an attack on the democracy and independence of the institution.

Abuses and illegalities against TVR employees, but also against our organization, were frequently brought to the attention of the European institutions by MediaSind representatives, including during the meetings of the European Commission's Social Audiovisual Dialogue Commission, which was also attended by EBU representatives. These were also sanctioned by the organizations in which we are full members through the Federation of Culture and Media FAIR-MediaSind - European Federation of Journalists, International Federation of Journalists and UNI Global Union (details here: Federația Internațională a Jurnaliștilor și UNI Global Union susțin toate protestele pentru demiterea șefei TVR!).

For these precise reasons, the former head of TVR is the last person who should talk about the independence of the public media institution, since she was politically appointed and turned the institution into an instrument of political propaganda. (details here: Sindicatul Român al Jurnaliștilor MediaSind solicită coaliției de guvernare să nu desemneze politruci în Consiliile de administrație din TVR și Radio România!)

SRJ Mediasind considers that TVR, but also the Public Radio need a professional management by modifying the Law on the organization and functioning of Romanian Radio and of the Romanian Television, in order to depoliticize these public media institutions. This requires a consultation between media professionals, with the support of EBU, IFJ, FEJ, UNI Global Union, as well as other media organizations.

SRJ MediaSind National Executive Office

 Bucharest, June 30, 2021