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The Bucharest Court of Appeal confirmed, by final decision, the legality of MediaSind’s operation in TVR!

postat 23 iun. 2021, 01:41 de Office Mediasind   [ actualizat la 23 iun. 2021, 01:42 ]
Because it could not stop MediaSind TVR's revelations of serious corruption, the former management decided to drive this union out of the institution at any cost. Public challenges, defamations and even court actions were used, which cost the institution 17,317.36 lei. Added to this are the court costs!

MediaSind TVR publicly requests the Court of Auditors to order the recovery of these amounts from the persons responsible!

 The Bucharest Court of Appeal rejected as inadmissible the action filed by the Romanian Television Corporation through the former President-Director General, Doina Gradea, calling for the non-recognition of the right of the Romanian Union of Journalists Mediasind, as a national organization of journalists, to represent its affiliated members of the National Television Company!  The decision is final and confirms the right of the organization to operate in SRTV, but also in other institutions where it has affiliated members! (see photo)

Through this court action, the law firm Zamfirescu, Racoti, Vasile & Partners, employed with the sum of 17,317.36 lei to go to war with MediaSind, asked the court to find that the Romanian Union of Journalists Mediasind is not a trade union formed at the level of SRTv and, consequently, has no place in the National Television Company. According to press reports, Zamfirescu, Racoti, Vasile & Partners is one of the most expensive law firms in the country (details here). Moreover, this is not the only lawsuit in which this firm has received public money from the management of TVR to harass our organization in court. The other day, TVR lost another court case for good in which it sought damages of 1 euro for which it paid the law firm Zamfirescu, Racoti, Vasile & Partners the amount of 18,546.86 lei! (details here:TVR management paid over 18 000 lei to lawyers to claim 1 euro compensation as a result of Mediasind’s press releases)

As the court has held, the Romanian Union of Journalists Mediasind has legal personality, confirmed by Sentence No. 2782 dated 12.04.2001, having members in Romanian Television Company, Radio Romania Company, AGERPRES and several public or private media institutions. On 13.04.2017, by sentence No. 3486/2017, which remained final, the Romanian Union of Journalists Mediasind merged by absorption with the Union of National Television Company, TVR SIND, taking over the capacity of a unit union at the level of SRTv. On 31 July 2019 the former legal adviser to the head of TVR, Alexandru Dumitrescu, posted on FB (pictured) a briefing to TVR employees announcing that MediaSind is not operating legally in TVR, with the aim of destabilizing our organization and subsequently MediaSind members to join the management's home union! (details here: SRTV sued for suspicious contracts concluded by the head of TVR with a former business partner and personal adviser!)

The communist secret police type diversions of the TVR management were dismantled by Bucharest Territorial Labour Inspectorate, by the recognition and registration of the additional act to the collective labour agreement of SRTV, concluded on the basis of the mandate granted to the Federation of Culture and Media FAIR-MediaSind by the Romanian Union of Journalists Mediasind and by the TVR Craiova Union, signed by Doina Gradea! (The new rights won in collective bargaining in TVR have entered into force!) These facts are recognised by court sentences in several lawsuits lost by TVR, but also by the Ministry of Labour, which, in address No.105/IM/07.08.2019, confirmed MediaSind's right to represent its members of the National Television Company. (details here: : The Ministry of Labour dismantles the diversions of the management of the Romanian Television Corporation!)

It should be noted that due to this diversion set up by the acolytes of the former head of TVR, MediaSind observers were not allowed to be part of the disciplinary committee that investigated the management of TVR Cluj Station. Also, MediaSind observers in Board of Directors did not receive any invitations to attend these meetings, on the grounds that the union is not legal in TVR!

In view of the final decision of the Bucharest Court of Appeal, SRJ MediaSind will file several actions in tortious liability for sanctioning those guilty of these abuses of office. At the same time, MediaSind publicly requests the Court of Auditors to order the recovery of all amounts paid to Zamfirescu, Racoti Vasile & Partners, as well as to lawyer Alexandru Dumitrescu through PLLC Dumitrescu and Dinu and through Law Firm Dinu Catalin Ionut, as well as the court costs, from the persons responsible for committing these abuses!

Last but not least, SRJ MediaSind calls on TVR employees not to endorse anymore all sorts of trade unions that have proved to be pathetic instruments of the former TVR management, to disaffiliate themselves from these enslaved organisations and to join MediaSind TVR. With a larger number of members, our organization will be stronger and thus will get all the justification to negotiate a Collective Labour Agreement capable of defending the rights of employees in the largest public media institution. (HOW TO BECOME A MEDIASIND MEMBER!)

In this trial, SRJ MediaSind was represented by the organization's lawyer, Dan Iordache.

SRJ MediaSind Communication Department                                 

Bucharest, 22 June 2021