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The FAIR-MediaSind Federation presented to the European institutions how the Romanian Ministry of Labour becomes the Ministry of Solidarity with Corruption in Culture and Mass-Media!

postat 4 apr. 2022, 23:43 de Office Mediasind   [ actualizat la 4 apr. 2022, 23:43 ]
A delegation of the Federation of Culture and Media FAIR-MediaSind consisting of Leonard Paduret, president, and Cristi Godinac, executive president, met at the end of last week with the leaders of the International Federation of Journalists - IFJ and of the European Federation of Journalists - EFJ, Anthony Bellanger and Ricardo Gutiérrez (photo), to report the abuses faced by employees in Romania due to abusive leadership of the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Culture,  but also of some incompetent and, in many cases, corrupt managers, from some institutions in Culture and Media.

The FAIR-MediaSind Federation drew attention to the fact that the lack of a real social dialogue with the trade union and employers' organizations in the field has generated the disastrous situation in which the approximately 100,000 workers in this sector vital for democracy, Culture and Mass-Media, now find themselves. The leaders of the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Culture, most of the time people without any vision, being appointed only for their slavishness towards the party, have adopted all kinds of harmful policies, which have shown that, especially in times of crisis, they can produce real human dramas in the system.

The FAIR-MediaSind delegation also discussed the irresponsible attack on the employees of culture and mass-media coming from the leadership of the Ministry of Labor who are trying, by any illegal means, to block the right to collective bargaining of the only representative union federation in this field! Unfortunately, due to political pressures from some employers dissatisfied with the fight of trade unions against corruption in public institutions, the Ministry of Labor and Solidarity in Romania becomes, every day, the Ministry of Solidarity with Corruption in cultural institutions and mass-media! (The National Council of FAIR-MediaSind urges the GovernmentCoalition not to turn into the gravedigger of the Culture and Media sector!).

It is outrageous how officials of the institution paid from public money to support the dialogue between the social partners turn into legislators and issue all kinds of official papers through which they tendentiously and erroneously interpret the provisions of the Labor Code and the Law on Social Dialogue, in order to block the right of trade union organizations in Culture and the Media to represent themselves,  negotiate and conclude collective agreements at unit level.

Using some misinterpretations of the Law on Social Dialogue, the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity is currently trying to block the negotiations that have been started for the conclusion of collective labour agreements in the Romanian Broadcsting Corporation and the Romanian Television Corporation, although the provisions of art. 131 para. 2) of the Law no. 62/2011 of the Social Dialogue show that "any interference of the public authorities is prohibited,  in any form and manner, in the negotiation, conclusion, execution, modification and termination of collective agreements”.

Flagrant abusing in office, it is not the first time the leadership of the Ministry of Labor, at the pressures of corrupt media employers, intervened and misrepresented the provisions of the social dialogue law, supporting all sorts of unconstitutional aberrations like the trade union organizations of the national type would not have the right to represent their affiliated members in public institutions. It took over two years for this abuse of office of the Ministry of Labor clerks to be permanently removed by the court. (Details here: The BucharestCourt of Appeal confirmed, by definitive decision, the legality of theoperation of Mediasind in TVR!).

Subsequently, the same pompously entitled Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity recurred and managed to block the concluding the Collective Labour Agreement of the Romanian Broadcasting Corporation through two erroneous interventions of a Secretary of State, who, moreover, was later replaced (details here: The rights obtained in addition, by negotiation, do not enter into force this year at Radio Romania Company!).

Currently, in order to transform public press institutions in simple political annexes and to cancel professional rights, such as the Conscience Clause of the Journalist, as well as other wage rights such as the 10-12 compensatory salaries in the event of collective dismissals, attempts are currently being made in order to block the concluding of these collective agreements by erroneously supporting that the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code would not apply in the field of labor law, where it is well known that the court sentences/conclusions are law enforceable!

With the support of the European Federation of Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists against the leadership of the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Culture, an official complaint will soon be filed on the Council of Europe’s Freedom of Expression Platform.

At the same time, the Fair-MediaSind Federation calls on the coalition in power to put an end to the abuses guaranteed by the leadership of the Ministry of Labor and Minister Marius Constantin Budai against the rights of the approximately 100,000 workers in culture and media. Otherwise, the Fair-MediaSIND Federation with affiliated members and with the support of organizations to which the organization is affiliated with full rights - the European Federation of Journalists, the International Federation of Journalists, the International Federation of Musicians, the International Federation of Actors, UNI Global Union, and, at national level, to CNSLR-Brotherhood Confederation, they will organize protest actions to determine the Romanian authorities to comply with the ILO Conventions and European Work Relations and Social Dialogue Directives.


Communication Department FAIR-MediaSind Federation

Bucharest, April 4, 2022