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The Gradea administration hires, for public money, a law firm to go to war with MediaSind TVR and with the journalists from the daily newspaper Libertatea!

postat 28 iul. 2020, 04:30 de Office Mediasind   [ actualizat la 28 iul. 2020, 04:31 ]
Although it pays almost one million euros to support its own legal department, 

The Gradea administration hires, for public money, a law firm to go to war with MediaSind TVR and with the journalists from the daily newspaper Libertatea!

Public money abuses in Romanian Television Corporation seem to never end! Although OUG no. 26/2012 prohibits all public authorities and institutions which have in their organizational structure their own legal specialist staff, from purchasing legal services of advice, assistance and/or representation, in Romanian Television Company that is not complied with! As we have announced before, the President - Director General Doina Gradea, who seeks to harass, intimidate and even dissolve our organization, has hired the law firm Zamfirescu Racoți Vasile & Partners (see here TVR head hires four lawyers withpublic money to harass MediaSind!). They have already notified the Romanian Journalists Union MediaSind, asking it to cease "immediately any action against the underwritten, respectively to refrain from publication in any form of unfounded/untrue information about the activity of the Romanian Television Corporation". Furthermore, the law firm threatens that otherwise, it will use "all legal means to cover the damages caused to the underwritten by your illicit actions."

To find out how much money TVR pays for such intimidation against our union, to one of the most expensive law firms in the country, which, according to information in the press, has kinship ties with the Minister of Justice, Catalin Marian Predoiu (, we requested, on the basis of Law no. 544/2001, official explanations to the head of TVR.


The answer is hallucinatory:

According to the address received, TVR acquired, without tender, 50.742 euro services from Zamfirescu Racoti & Partners Law Firm for legal assistance and representation for 'initiating actions in damages against Ringier SA and the journalists involved for the publication in the daily newspaper Libertatea of defamatory articles on SRTv relating to the Eurovision 2020 selection', for 'initiating a legal action against SRJ MediaSind for challenging the legal formation at SRTV level', for the action SRTv takes against SNR, and for an analysis of the termination of the agreement with Playbook International. We consider that these acquisitions violate the provisions of Ordinance no. 26/2012, given that, according to the official address of SRTv no. C/508/24.07.2020 (photo), signed by the head of TVR, Doina Gradea, the number of employees of the Legal Department was 11 people in 2018 and 2019, and 10 people in 2020. For them TVR paid salaries, bonuses and overtime between January 1, 2018 - June 1, 2020, in a total amount of 4,264,175 lei, that is almost one million euros!

As in the case of the journalists from the daily newspaper Libertatea, the head of TVR, Doina Gradea, confuses the public institution with a limited liability company, cataloging the media's criticism of the management, implicitly against her, as defamation directed against Romanian Television Company! Unfortunately, as our organization has shown on several occasions, the reports of the Court of Auditors and the final sentences proved the corruption in the institution, about which we spoke publicly. (MediaSind's arguments forthe emergency dismissal of the TVR head:)

Returning to the court action of the head of TVR against MediaSind, it is intended to strike directly at the right of the employees of SRTv to be represented by a trade union organization that has demonstrated that it is honest and unserved to management. Doina Gradea and her acolytes ignore, for how many times?, the provisions of our Constitution which enshrine the right to free affiliation, as well as the ILO conventions, the EU directives on free trade union association, the Law of Social Dialogue. TVR management also tramples on the final court rulings that entitle MediaSind to represent its union members of the Romanian Television Corporation. Moreover, the Ministry of Labour, in an official position, confirms the legality of MediaSind in TVR (details here: the Ministry of Labour dismantles the diversions of the Romanian Televisionleadership).

Moreover, which is funny if not sad, Doina Gradea no longer acknowledges, through this action, the fact that she signed at the end of last year with the FAIR-MediaSind Federation and the employees' representatives, an Additional Act to the Collective Labor Agreement, based precisely on the mandate granted by the Romanian Journalists Union MediaSind and by TVR Craiova Union. All documents, including the representation mandate and the documents of SRJ MediaSind have been verified by Bucharest Territorial Labour Inspectorate, and the Additional Act produces legal effects starting with January 1, 2020! (details here: The new rights won in the collective bargaining in TVR have enteredinto force!)

The Romanian Journalists Union MediaSind announces that it will not be intimidated by the abusive actions of the head of TVR and her accomplices. Our organisation will continue to be with the people it represents from the Mediasind TVR branch. With the support of the Federation of Culture and Media FAIR-MediaSind, the Confederation of CNSLR-Brotherhood, the International Federation of Journalists, the European Federation of Journalists and UNI GLOBAL, will refer the matter to the European Parliament, the European Commission, the EBU and the International Labour Organisation for abuses in the largest press institution, Romanian Television Company, to cease and those responsible to answer to the law.

Unfortunately, we have to repeat: the complicity between the executive management of SRTv and some political leaders has caused the notifications, the alarm cries of the employees of SRTv, including those of our organisation, to stop the abuses in the institution, to be blocked.

This has not discouraged us in our actions to expose abuses and illegalities knowing that behind us are a large number of members and sympathizers, representatives of the Civil Society, the entire honest press in Romania, on whose support we rely.

Together we are stronger!

Communication Department SRJ Mediasind

Bucharest, July 28, 2020