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The "Gradea administration" threatens journalists who have revealed the 66,500 euros cleaning deal from Romanian Television, asking them to reveal the sources!

postat 15 feb. 2021, 03:07 de Office Mediasind   [ actualizat la 15 feb. 2021, 03:08 ]
To: European Broadcasting Union - EBU   &  European Federation of  Journalists - EFJ

In a Notification sent to the online publication signed by the acting director of the Legal Department, Roxana Ionescu, appointed with delegation in this position by the President-Director General of the Romanian Television Corporation, Doina Gradea, is requested that journalists "reveal the sources they used" and "retract, as untrue", the article concerning the fact that the head of TVR would not have approved a cleaning contract worth 318,920 lei (over 66,000 euros) for two months! (details here: TVR threatens with a law suit: "Reveal used sources")

At the same time, journalists are threatened with "competent courts" if they do not comply with the requirements of TVR management!

The request is absurd because the management of a media institution should know that journalists' sources of information are not disclosed, not even in court! What Paginademedia has published is confirmed by several internal documents, which are not confidential, as TVR's management wrongly considers, since, according to the law of operation and organisation, SRTV is a public institution. Doina Gradea and Roxana Ionescu should know that SRTV is not their own limited liability company, but a public institution and, according to art. Article 2 para. b of Law No 544/2001, „information of public interest means any information which concerns the activities or results from the activities of a public authority or public institution, irrespective of the medium or form or manner in which the information is expressed”. 

Also, Paginademedia has no reason to apologize or retract the news as Doina Gradea has not only once approved the conclusion of the shameful for TVR contract, amounting to 318,920 lei with a private company, for only two months of cleaning at the head office in Bucharest, but even twice, the first time at the meeting of the Steering Committee on 3 February 2021 (details here: Gradea Administration pays 66,500euros to a private firm for two months of cleaning!), and the second time at the meeting of the Board of Directors, on February 5, 2021! (details here: TheBoard of Directors of the Romanian Television Corporation has approved thepayment of 66,500 euros for two months of cleaning at the head office in Bucharest!).

The false statements in the press release of the Public Relations, Communication and Protocol Service of SRTV, transformed, for a long time, into a propaganda service for the head of SRTV, mislead the public opinion when announcing that Doina Gradea was not among the people who endorsed the agreement with the cleaning company. We specify that the signature of Doina Gradea is also on the Minutes of Decision no. 73 of February 3, 2021, but also on the Board of Directors Decision of February 5, 2021!

Given this new flagrant violation of professional ethics by the SRTV management, the Romanian Union of Journalists MediaSind calls on EBU, the organization to which SRTV is affiliated, to drastically sanction this new slippage, and on the Parliament to urgently dismiss the entire Gradea administration. Any time that at the helm of TVR is the Gradea administration represents a real danger for the public television service, but also for democracy.

SRJ MediaSind will provide through the law firm with which it collaborates, free legal representation for any journalist who is harassed by the current management of the Romanian Television Corporation!

MediaSind TVR  

Communication Department                                             

Bucharest, 15 February 2021

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