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The Public Warning to stop adoption the abusive Procedure regarding ethical conduct in TVR has been registered in Parliament!

postat 2 iul. 2020, 05:26 de Office Mediasind   [ actualizat la 2 iul. 2020, 05:27 ]
Romanian Journalists Union MediaSind together with the MediaSind TVR Branch have registered today, July 2, 2020, the Public Warning for stopping the abusive Procedure regarding the ethical conduct in the Romanian Television Corporation - SRTV.

SRTV employees who signed the document are public whistle-blowers and, according to Law no. 571/2004 on the protection of staff in public authorities and public institutions, may not be penalised if they refuse to comply with an illegal order such as the one regarding the obligation to sign the Procedure on ethical conduct in SRTV. SRTV employees are protected against the abuses of employers by the provisions of the Collective Labor Agreement too, as well as by the ILO Conventions in the field of labor relations to which Romania has acceded.

It should be noted that the latest revision of the Procedure made by the Gradea-Demeter-Ionescu-Fulea group by removing the words particularly serious from the phrase particularly serious misconduct is only a pathetic attempt to manipulate TVR employees, as the entire document was adopted illegally, and several provisions flagrantly violate the Romanian Constitution, the Labor Code, the SRR and SRTV Law, the ILO Conventions and the European directives in the field of freedom of expression.

The national and international organizations to which SRJ MediaSind is affiliated, namely the Federation Culture and Media FAIR-MediaSind, CNSLR-Brotherhood Confederation, European Federation of Journalists, International Federation of Journalists and UNI Global, support our approach, and have reported the abuses of Gradea administration to the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and the European Commission: (see here: Federația Internațională a Jurnaliștilor și Federația Europeană a Jurnaliștilor au sesizat la Consiliul Europei abuzurile din Televiziunea Română! )

We hope that the Romanian Parliament will also urgently resolve this Public Warning and dismiss, by rejecting the activity report, this administration who, on countless occasions, violated both the law and the rights of employees of the largest media institution of the state - the Romanian Television Corporation.

Romanian Journalists Union MediaSind

National Executive Bureau

MediaSind TVR

Executive Office

                                                                                                              Bucharest, July 2, 2020